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Our Story

More than Great Food

Inspired by our restaurant Hema's Kitchen and a desire for flavorful Indian food in the area, Grand India was born. With over four decades of total culinary experience, my brothers bring to the table more than just great food. They're the ones that make the spices speak the language of your taste buds. Hailing from India and having run restaurants at different capacities, they've supported us all the way along the journey and have given us the identity of who we are.


Serving Greatness Since 2022


Founded on Family Values

We are a family restaurant driven by values of togetherness and serving the community with the same food our family consumes everyday.


Catering the Taste of Indian subcontinent

Our Grand menu covers different parts of the country. We are specialists in our own area of expertise. Whether it be East or West or North or South, name a food and our chefs know it all. With vast catering experience, we have always delivered the best quality food that represented the Indian Subcontinent


Authentic Recipes Reimagined

Most of our recipes are authentic, however some of them are tailored to suit the community. Indian Food is NOT always hot and spicy, the third dimension called FLAVOR is what we speak

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